Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Update (Finally!)

We finally received our monthly update on Friday! I think they normally come a week or so earlier, but because of power outages in Ethiopia, they've had a difficult time getting all the information sent back to the U.S. office. I have to say, these 2 pictures are the best ones yet. She's actually smiling and I can see her personality starting to come out. She is absolutely beautiful and her smile is radiant; you can't help but smile when you see her. She's still pretty little, just right at 6 pounds, but is healthy and appears to be developing well. Our report states that she loves to cuddle, responds to touch and sound, and usually only cries when she's hungry or wants to be held. I'm not sure these next 9 weeks can go fast enough! I'm hoping that our friends the Bayly's will pass court on the 11th so they can travel on the 16th to not only meet and pick up their son but also deliver another small care package for us. I also have to work on my next round of questions for the May update. This last time I asked about her sleeping conditions, favorite position to be held, her nanny's name, eating schedule, and personality. This time, I'm definitely going to ask if her Ethiopian name has a meaning, but I'm open to more suggestions. Any other advice?

PS. If you have a moment, check out the Whipple's and Lunceford's blogs. Both families just returned home with their new babies and have posted their "Gotcha Day" videos. I promise you won't be disappointed or dry-eyed.

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Emily said...

I was neither disappointed nor dry-eyed. Kenton always laughs at me when I cry at movies or touching videos, but I try to tell him that he should cherish my sensitivity and embrace it! He hasn't quite gotten to that point yet. I'll give him a few more years. ;)

Those videos were both excellent. I cannot WAIT for you guys to go over there and make your own video. All of the photos on the videos looked similar in style. Does the adoption agency send a photographer with all of the couples to document the event? Who took the videos? The couples themselves?

Oh, Emilia. Your Mommy and Daddy are coming soon and can't wait to meet your beautiful, smiling face. We can't wait to hold you someday and introduce you to your big "cousin" Gabby.

Thanks for sharing your friends' journeys with us!

(Question about Mia: Does she like to hold on to or suck on anything like a blankie, fabrics, pacifiers, etc.? Might give you a good indication of what would pacify her on her plane ride home. Or maybe that's the question: What pacifies her besides being held?)