Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ups and Downs

Well, we've had some ups and downs over the last few weeks. I was very excited to be on vacation last week, and I spent a lot of time getting ready for the baby since our fall is so very hectic and full. I went with a good friend (also a new mom) to register at Babies R Us, I registered for some cloth diapers at, and we also bought her crib and chest of drawers (or chester drawers, as my husband so affectionately calls them). Plus I scheduled appointments with prospective pediatricians in my area. I was on it.
Our downs? Well, all this planning for the baby really made me want the I had a very difficult time returning to work after a week of baby stuff. And part of what makes it so difficult for me is not knowing what kind of time frame we're working with. The thought of having to wait until next March or April really makes me almost deflate. We also found out Ethiopia is raising their country fees, which will affect us by about $4,000.
So what keeps me sane in the midst of all this uncertainty? The fact that our God is sovereign in all things. No matter how difficult it is to see or understand, He is always in control; nothing surprises Him. And in the strangest moments, just when I'm ready to give up, He reminds me of His all-surpassing love for me. That alone is unfathomable. I am humbled that the God of this vast universe takes the time to love me...and you...completely and perfectly. That's what keeps me going. When I look around at the uncertain state of our economy, the upcoming elections, the 4 year old boy in our congregation who's fighting a losing battle to brain cancer, the massive famine in Ethiopia...I have to accept and know God is in total control and does love this world.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Almost There!

We've had some very encouraging news today from America World. The referrals for September have (finally!) been posted.

Ethiopia Referrals
America World Received 7 Referrals ranging from infant to 5 years old in October.
The DTE of the last family who received a boy referral was 02/08/2008
The DTE of the last family who received a girl referral was 12/13/2007
The DTE of the family who received referrals of sibling group 0-5 was 5/9/2008
The DTE of the last family who received a referral of 5 year old female is 7/5/2008
We have now completed boy referrals for all families up to March for boys and up to February for girls
The next DTE for girl referral:2/1/2008 (This is what we're waiting infant girl.)
The next DTE for boy: 3/3/2008

The really exciting news is that our DTE is 5/2/2008. So we only have 3 months of waiting families ahead of us! Now we don't know exactly how many families that is as AWAA can't release that kind of information to us, but I do know it is getting very close! Please pray for us as we continue to get more and more anxious to bring our little girl home, and also for a referral before Christmas!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

5 month anniversary

I thought it appropriate that I should mark (and celebrate) our adoption journey milestones on this blog. Thursday, October 2nd marks the 5 month anniversary of the submission of our dossier to Ethiopia. And actually, tomorrow, Oct. 5 would mark the one year anniversary of the submission of our dossier to El Salvador. I very clearly remember thinking when we submitted our dossier (both times) that the months ahead seemed like an eternity, but sitting here now on the other side, the time has actually gone by quickly (isn't that the way life always works?). Many events have happened in our lives, mostly good but a few bad. Here's a year review of the life of the Taylor's, a year we will always remember as the wait for our daughter to come home to us:

October 2007 - Marks the one year annivesary of Travis' employment as Youth Director at our church. To be honest, this was one path God had in store for us that we never saw coming. But I know Travis would agree with me when I say I can't imagine my life without those kids.
November 18, 2007 - We celebrate Travis' 31st birthday.
December 2007 - Last Christmas season was kind of depressing for us both. We had started to get mixed feelings from the El Salvador program, and our home just felt empty. I am sure this Christmas will be much more uplifting as we should so close to knowing and bringing our little girl home.
February 2008 - One of my best friends, Shari, and her husband Ben have their first child, a precious little girl named Savannah. Savannah was a bit small and had to spend 17 days in the NICU, so Travis and I were making several trips a week to St. Francis. I have many fond memories of sitting in Labor and Delivery with Shari while both of our husbands were out of town with the youth, taking Savannah's first pictures in the NICU, spending time with Shari in their hotel "suite" and waiting to visit Savannah every two hours.
April 21, 2008 - We celebrate my 27th birthday...hopefully I will celebrate my next birthday with our daughter!
June 2008 - Travis and I took our youth group on an 11 day mission trip adventure to the Navajo Nation in Arizona/New Mexico. This trip, although completely exhausting, was worth every single second. I'm totally bummed that I will miss next year's trip, but I'm pretty sure I won't be much help with a baby in tow.
July 1, 2008 - Travis and I celebrate our 8 year anniversary.
September 2008 - A lot happened in September. My best friend Anne got engaged (and will be getting married December 27 and moving to Morrocco in January!); our goddaughter, Gabrielle, turned 2; we lost our friend, Charlie May, in a tragic motorcycle accident; we painted the baby's room; our good friends Alex and Amie moved back home from Denver, CO to Indiana.