Friday, August 1, 2008


AWAA just posted more referrals they received yesterday from Ethiopia:

America World received 10 referrals of children between the
ages of 0-5 years for the month of July from Ethiopia. Below are the DTE of the
families who received referrals this month:

Referrals on July 21, 2008
DTE: 11/21/07- Infant Boy
12/7/07- Infant Boy
12/7/08- Infant Boy
12/21/07- Infant Boy
1/25/08- Infant Boy
1/25/08- Infant Boy

Referrals on July 29, 2008
DTE: 1/25/08- Infant Boy
Infant Girl

Based on the new referrals, the wait time for an infant boy
is 5-7 months while the wait time for an infant or toddler girl is 7-9 months.
The wait time for siblings under 7 is 5-9 months.
This would keep us on target for referral between December and February...9 months for us would be February 2.