Tuesday, November 4, 2008

6 months and waiting...

Sunday marked our 6 month anniversary of waiting (this time around). We are now less than one month away from the time when the call could come at any moment (the initial time frame was 7-9 months). Unfortunately, because of court closure in Ethiopia (from Aug-Oct), there's a back up of children in the transitional home. (For those who aren't familiar with the process, a child is moved from the orphanage to a transitional home run by our agency, where they will undergo a 3 week process to make them "referral ready". Once the referral is given, more paperwork and court proceedings have to take place before we can travel to pick up our child(ren). The whole post-referral process typically takes 6-8 weeks. However, in Ethiopia, the courts close from August to October, so even though referrals are given, court proceeding can't occur, which = a backlog of children waiting in the transitional home.)
As of now, most families at the top of the list are at the far end of their wait time (right at or just over 9 months). I'm hoping and praying that things start to move again before the holidays and that we might not have to wait until February for a referral.
In other adoption news, I would appreciate your prayers as we submit our application with Shoahannah's Hope for an adoption grant. This is something I was sure we would never get, but as my Mom said to me, the worst that can happen is that they say no. As always, please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we fervently long to bring our little one home.


Emily said...

Oh Taylors. We love you guys so much. You are so close to the end! We will keep you, your daughter, and your potential grant in our thoughts and prayers. If you don't hear anything by Christmas, surely you will have a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise, right?

IUgirl78 said...

You definitely have our prayers! I hope you hear something very soon!