Monday, November 17, 2008


Travis and I had one of the best surprises on Saturday evening. No, it wasn't our long awaited referral (that would be the best ever surprise), but something almost as good. I had scheduled a candle party for a friend of ours, Sara, who is married to one of Travis' friends, Jason, for Saturday afternoon. Sara thought it would be fun if she invited the guys to come hang out while the girls did our candle thing, and then enjoy an Italian dinner all together afterward. Well, I had finished up the show and order taking and it was finally time to eat dinner when Sara announced that we were going to play a game first. She requested that we all sit boy-girl-boy-girl and close our eyes and wait. I noticed that I was the only girl in the room at this point, but Sara said she was going to go find them. Well, when we opened our eyes a few moments later, we were shocked to see this in front of us:
The candle party was really a cover for our Surprise Baby Shower! Travis and I were completely overwhelmed by our friends' love and generousity and ability to pull one over on us. We both completely shocked and surprised!

Our Boppy (notice Travis' embarrassed/confused look at the revealing picture on the front of the package...)

My favorite onesie. It reads, "I'm new here."

Bathtime fun with pink rubber duckys

As if planning a surprise party wasn't enough, Sara also crocheted us this beautiful lavender blanket, which matches the baby's room perfectly!

Lots of books for bedtime stories. This one, My Daddy and Me, also has another in its set, My Mommy and Me.

Discussing teething tablets and other mommy tricks of the trade with our friend Terri.

You might be wondering what all those guys did during the shower portion of the evening. They all watched for the first few gifts and then found this...

It was an experience like no other! Thank you all for such a great evening and for such great gifts! We can't wait to share our daughter's life with all of you.


Emily said...

Aww! What a SWEET surprise! Looks like you received a number of wonderful gifts. What a loving group of friends!

IUgirl78 said...

Wow, what amazing friends you have! I'm sure they are all excited to help you prepare for your daughter's arrival. It seems like you already have quite a support network. What a blessing!

Janet said...

HI!! Nice reading your blog :) Just wanted to say I got that same "I'm new here" onesie at my shower too!!! It's got cute little brown footprints on it.

Anyway, great to "meet" you!! Praying for your adoption.

AWAA mom in waiting