Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Part of becoming a mother means starting your own special family traditions.  As many of you know I love to bake and cook, and although I am a type A + personality, I could not wait for the day Mia would join me in the kitchen.  I quickly adjusted my expectations (hello messes!) and decided that the best way to enjoy the experience was to just go with it.  So what if there was flour dumped down the cabinet instead of the bowl?  

Over the holidays, Mia helped me make cookies three times.  The first time, she was just so excited about standing on the chair and eating the cinnamon chips that she really didn't do much helping.  By the second time, though, she was into it.  As soon as I asked her if she wanted to help Mommy bake cookies, she requested the chair be pushed over for her.  Her special job is to dump the dry ingredients into the bowl for Mommy to mix together, although she is still a bit frightened by the electric mixer.  

Helping Mommy measure out flour.
"Mommy, you need some flour right here under your nose."
"I am such a big girl!"
"I do it!  I do it!"
Of course all this cookie baking has created quite the little cookie monster.  This girl is in love with cookies, specifically oatmeal cinnamon chip.  If you haven't tried cinnamon chips, you are missing out.  I can't wait until we can try our hand at decorating and maybe even a gingerbread house. 

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Julia said...

These are adorable. She is getting so big and her hair is so beautiful! Soon, you'll have two kiddos helping you out in the kitchen.