Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Life in Pictures

Since my little one is still not napping well (think 30 minutes spells), I don't have much time for words, but I wanted to share a few pics from our life since we brought Mia home. I promise to blog more about our trip, but for now, enjoy our beautiful little girl!

At the Airport in Ethiopia, waiting to board our 16 hour flight

First Bath at Home! She loves splashing her feet in the water.

Our first cereal. She's not too sure about it...

Look at those tears! Such a drama queen already.

So we had to finish our cereal on Mommy's lap, and after our bottle of course.

Just swingin' in the morning with my Daddy!


melissa said...

She is just so sweet. thanks for posting the pics. I have been thinking about all of you this week. It's great to keep updated like this. hope to meet her in person on Sunday!!

Leslie said...

What a cutie! She just fits in perfectly, doesn't she? Was that her first attempt at cereal? I am assuming she was just on bottles in Ethiopia. She has grown soooo much since those first pictures you had of her.

30 minute naps are tough but she will get the hang of it. You are doing great and she is growing beautifully!

IUgirl78 said...

Wow, she is just so adorable!! It is really hard when they don't nap. I agree with Leslie--she will get the hang of it! She's been through a lot with just traveling halfway around the world. I have a hard enough time when I go to the next state and am an hour off. Hopefully all she'll need is time to get used to our time zone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. Nice to see how all of you are doing :)

Anne said...

I'm so glad I was there for all this! It makes the going away harder since I got to at least help document a first! I love you all and miss you already.