Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Days Home & 6 Month Checkup

Well, we've been home for almost 48 hours, and it has never felt so good to be a mom. I think we're all falling into the swing of things pretty well. We still don't have a good routine down, but it will come in time. Mia is wonderful. Did I mention how darn cute this kid is? She has the brightest smile in the world, and I love making her laugh. It's infectious. She does have quite the temper, though, and can go from happy to mad in approximately 3 seconds flat. We're still not sure if her fussiness is temporary from all the changes she's been through, or just part of her strong-willed personality. We'll see.

We had our first outing (in America, that is) today to see the pediatrician. We were concerned about her very runny nose, but thankfully she is pretty healthy. She seemed to like Dr. Fox, and we found out she's gained almost a pound and a half since we got her! She's up to 14.5 pounds and 24.25 inches long. We were also encouraged to start cereal and then some vegetables; I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about this experiment than she will be. I'll try to post some pics of the first cereal tomorrow.
After the doctor, I was feeling pretty adventurous and she and I made our first trip to Target. I was a little nervous out by myself, but she was a champ. She's not so crazy about her carseat (they don't use them in Ethiopia), but does like to ride in the car so she usually calms down once we get going.
Hank (our boxer dog) is also adjusting well to Mia's arrival. We were both a little worried as he's never really been around a lot of children and is also very excitable. But he seems to like her and often lays down in front of where ever she is. Mia's not freaked out by him at all and giggles when he licks her hands or feet.
Well, I can see my little one is about to wake from her nap and is sure to be hungry. I'll leave you with a another pic from our trip.


IUgirl78 said...

Glad to hear you're all home and doing well. That's a great sign that she's gained some weight since you first got her. She must be so happy to be with her mommy and daddy!!!

Jean said...

Hey Taylor family!! Welcome home & I LOVE the pics of your daughter!! She looks SO great!!

I'm working on getting packed for us to leave Saturday ... when you saw Metsehet, do you think she is about the same size as Mia? And if so, what size clothing is Mia in? Just wanting to make sure I'm bringing enough that will fit!! :)


Jean Carpenter

Crazy Roots in Africa said...

Isn't amazing how "good dogs" just seem to know and become protective? Our lab did that with our first child, she was in protective mode. Laying as close to her without actually touching her, whimpering and coming to get me whenever Brooklyn would begin stirring in her crib. Dogs are sweet!
So glad things are going well at home! Enjoy every moment, and she is adorable! Love the pics!
Gina Root AWAA YG

Leslie said...

Welcome home! I am so glad that she is settling well into the Taylor home. She is just so adorable! I am also very impressed that you went to Target with her after being home just a day or so. I know I still can barely handle that trip alone :)

How wonderful that she has gained weight and is over 14#. I can't wait to see the pictures of her trying some foods...those are always hysterical.

welcome home!!!

Sandy said...

Welcome back! She is just beautiful. We can't wait to see her and hear about your trip. It was great to read your blog while you were gone. Don't worry about the runny nose...Kate had one for a month. She wasn't used to air conditioning.


The Heddleson's said...

Welcome home! She is so cute, enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update :) I'm sure there are so many new things right now for everyone (including Hank!) but I know you guys will quickly be comfortable and won't be able to remember what is was like before she was here!

Let us know if we can help with anything during your "bonding" period