Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Week

This has been the most eventful two weeks of our married life so far and has made for a lengthy post. We spent the last week in Savannah, GA with our youth for a week long mission trip. I've had no internet access and today's the first day I feel good enough to sit upstairs at the computer. Let me just give you a quick recap of the life of the Taylor's.
1. On Saturday, June 27th, on the way to our day of weddings (we each were shooting our own), Travis' Jeep broke down on I-465. Yes, it really happened. Thankfully, he was following me and I promptly turned around to collect him and our camera equipment, packed it all in the Mini, and jetted off to the northside. His wonderful parents called AAA, who had it towed back to Greenwood for us. Bad news: it's dead.
2. On the same Saturday, June 27th, we return home from our 13 hour day of photographing weddings to find our A/C running full blast but unfortunately blowing out hot air. Bad news: it's also dead.
3. We now have exactly 4 days before our departure to figure our the A/C and vehicle situation.
4. Travis takes most the day Wednesday, July 1st (our 9th anniversary!) to scope out about 20 car lots. We finally concede that the Mini probably won't be the best family car, especially after I tried to install the rear-facing car seat in the back.
5. It's now Thursday. The new A/C unit is installed in our house (not exactly in the budget, but not exactly something we can go without for long. It was a blessing to have such a cool week in July.) I meet Travis at a car lot where's he's scoped out 2 (new to us) vehicles. I test drive a red Jeep Liberty, and he's got his heart set on a silver Jeep Commander. We leave the car lot with the new rides.
6. We go back Friday to sign all the paperwork for our vehicles, and I sadly tell the Mini goodbye. We took a few pics, and I was a little bummed, but I kept thinking about the new pictures of Mia I just received the day before. She's up to 10 pounds and is turning into quite the little chunk! Such a cutie.
7. We leave Saturday morning for Savannah. What an incredible week. Many of you might remember that we took our kids last year to the Navajo Nation in Arizona. I was a little worried I might be let down this year, but as always, God showed up in a mighty way. I was floored and humbled by our kids. They truly demonstrated Christ's love to everyone we met. The most amazing part of this trip was the people we met. This trip was a little different as we did a lot more inner-city ministry, but the guys (and gals) we met were incredible. They were not ashamed of telling everyone what Christ had done for them, and it really ministered and show me the transforming power of Christ's blood. He is awesome.
8. We returned home late Friday night from Savannah, and a couple of us (including me) were not feeling so hot. I figured it was just a mixture of sinuses, exhaustion, and travel. However, Travis received a phone call Saturday night from YouthWorks to tell him that 3 of the kids at our site (from other youth groups) have been confirmed with the H1N1 (swine) flu virus. We immediately start calling all the parents and then decide I need to be tested. Thankfully, I'm negative and don't have to be quarantined for a week. The others in our group that were ill are also negative.
9. Now for the part I'm sure you're all wondering about. Yes, we did receive another adoption update while we were gone. It's a mixture of good and not-so-good news. The good news is that our new court date is tomorrow, July 13th. The not-so-good news is that MOWA (the Ministry of Women's Affairs), a government agency that must write a recommendation letter for us to pass court, is closed for 2 weeks for training, meetings, and process improvement. So from what I understand, it is probable that the judge will just reassign us a new court date tomorrow, hopefully after MOWA reopens on July 27th.
So here's what we need prayers for. One, that our case will be rescheduled quickly. Two, that MOWA will be able to write our recommendation letter in time for our new court date. I fear they might be behind due to being closed for 2 weeks. And three, that we won't run into court closures. There are rumors that the courts may not be closing this year, but nothing's been confirmed. I just pray to bring her home soon.


Emily said...

Oh my! What a week is correct! It is SO great that you actually have a SCHEDULED court date! Woo hoo! That makes me sooo happy. I was praying about that a lot today, as I realized that July was already almost half over and began to worry even more. I hope and pray that you guys get the letter and everything in under the wire. It would be even more perfect if the courts didn't close this year. Then the pressure would lessen a little.

Mia, your Mommy and Daddy are coming for you! We promise! You just keep eating and laughing and soon we will all get to share in the joy you bring to the world.

Anne said...

I pray for all those things and add one: that your beautiful baby girl comes home before I LEAVE! I know it's selfish, but, I want to see that little precious! Love you and talk soon!

Anonymous said...

1. Jeep dead, boo (what happened?)
2. AC dead, more boo
3. Happy Anniversary!
4. Bye, bye Mini
5. New cars that fit car seats, YAY!
6. Missionary work, excellent
7. No H1N1, GREAT (selfishly said, of course)
8. New court date in 13 days, superb
9. Letting God guide you through this tumultuous time.....priceless :)

I hope you know how many of us love you, Travis & little Mia and are praying for you so much during this time.