Friday, April 17, 2009

God is Gracious

As you might have guessed from the brand new countdown ticker at the top of the blog, we received our court date yesterday and are scheduled for May 26th. Actually, because of the 7 hour time difference, all the proceedings will actually occur while we're sleeping the night of the 25th. We should find out sometime on the 26th whether or not our baby is legally ours! We now have to keep praying over our case, specifically that God would be at work in the Ethiopian legal system and have everyone show up that needs to be present for our case to be heard. We should receive tentative travel dates in the next couple of weeks, but we think it might be 7/2 - 7/11.
Now that we have passed two very signficiant milestones, we wanted to (finally!) share the name we will give to our daughter: Emilia Jane Taylor. We will call her Mia, but we both really loved Amelia/Emilia; it just took us awhile to agree on the spelling. Travis prefers Emilia, and has done just about everything possible to convince me this was the best way to go, including telling me it was Ethiopian. If you know me at all, you know that I hardly ever take things at face value. A quick google search revealed not an Ethiopian heritage but in fact that Emilia is actually Italian in origin (Annie, I'm sure your dad would have loved that!). Quite surpisingly, there are a few well known Emilias in history, including Iago's wife in Shakespeare's Othello. Emilia means rival, emulating, kind, and graceful. Jane is after Jane Austen and Jane Bennett (you can tell her mother is an English major!) and means God is gracious. This is incredibly fitting having just celebrated Resurrection Sunday and Christ's ultimate gracious gift of the cross to us. And I pray that even in the midst of motherhood I will always remember God's gracious gift of Mia to us.


Emily said...

Emilia - LOVE IT! I love the spelling. Being another person whose name starts with an "E," I can tell you it's a fun letter to have in your name. Not sure why, but I always liked having an "E" name. I was looking up some names on a website the other day (not for news), but here's what it had to say about Emilia:

IUgirl78 said...

What a beautiful name!! My grandmother's name was Amelia and now one of my cousin's children bears the same name. I love the spelling of Emilia and also love the name Mia. I think it's precious that you put so much thought into the meaning behind the names. I was watching "EXTRA" and saw Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe and thought, "Hey--those are good names." I probably should've looked them up at some point. :)

Love the new countdown ticker!!!

Bliss said...

It was a honor to deliver a care package for you. I love the name (Mia) and I have to say after seeing her in person it is a perfect name for her. I will be blog stocking you until you are home with your little beauty. I so enjoyed holding and loving on her.
Bliss Rovang