Sunday, April 5, 2009

Care Package: Sent

We just Fed Exed our daughter's first care package to the Rovangs, who will be delivering it next week when they travel to pick up their daughter. We did limit ourselves to 1 gallon size zip lock bag, but it was packed full! I know we'll be sending more packages during our wait for court, but it's difficult to restrain ourselves from sending her the world. I guess that officially ordains me as a parent. This package contains:
  • 5 newborn onesies
  • 1 lightweight sleeper (check out the adorable feet - they're ladybugs!)
  • 1 dressier outfit (Travis insisted she have something dressy to wear)
  • Picture book filled with photos of her new mom, dad, and, of course, new dog Hank
  • Soft zebra rattle

The Rovangs and Watsons have promised to take some more photos of her for us, so hopefully we'll have some new pics in a couple of weeks. We'll also receive a monthly update towards the end of April from our agency with new pictures, medical information, and answers to 5 questions I can ask her nannies. From what I've been told, I'll get basic information about how much she's eating and any medical updates, but I can ask about her schedule, personality, etc. Do any of you mothers out there have any suggestions on what I should ask?


IUgirl78 said...

Oh my gosh, I bet that was so much fun to put together a care package for your daughter! I'm also sure you will look forward to seeing more pictures of her. I think that's great that you can ask her nannies some questions. One thing you might want to ask is how she falls asleep. Like if there is a routine she is used to or if she is just laid down and is supposed to fall asleep on her own. It would just be nice for you to know so you can make the transition a bit easier for her. I'll try to think of anything else that would be of help!

Emily said...

I think Kristy asked a GREAT question. Sleeping and eating are pretty much the two hardest things to get used to with kids, so to know her typical environment and routine for going to sleep is helpful! My sister found out that she and the babysitter were putting Fiona down for sleep differently. The babysitter was getting good sleep out of Fiona and Sarah was not. It ended up that Sarah had to learn the sitter's method since it was working for her. They learned it and haven't had nearly as many problems.

I would def. ask about the sleeping, her schedule, and maybe what are her favorite positions to be held in. Gabby hated being cradled, but loved being held upright and patted on her back. You might also ask (in reference to sleep) what environment she is used to being in when she falls asleep. Dark, light, loud, quiet, music, etc.