Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: New Food

Note: It must be said that while my daughter does love to eat, she loves to eat those things she loves to eat. For instance, while I cut some corn off the cob for her, she wanted to eat it the same way Mama and Daddy were, right off the cob.

"Daddy, you just help me a little bit."


"What's this part? Are you sure I won't like it?"


Jana said...

I have super cute pics of Cooper at that age (maybe younger) chowing down on corn on the cob; he loved it too! That's great that she's such an adventurous eater!

Gina said...

Wish Eli were less picky! Baylee was a great eater, but Eli not as much. The only thing he will eat super well is Mexican food and chicken! :)