Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend & Catch Up

I've been intending to get these pics up all week, but time seems to have escaped me, along with my camera that was forgotten in Travis' Jeep! We actually had a great weekend. Mia was a rock star with her naps. Saturday was pretty low key with a first time visit to Papa and Grandma Paschall's, which was good because Sunday Mia and I went to the Bowen family reunion (my mother's side) and she was introduced to almost her entire extended family! She took an hour and a half nap in the morning at home, and then slept for 2 hours in my Grandma's guest room! I couldn't believe it! I kept telling my family she was a horrible napper, and then she goes and makes a liar out of me. Oh well. My favorite part of the day was introducing Mia to her cousin Brady...they're only 26 days apart. Check out the photos my cousin Samantha (Brady's mama) took of them cute!

Brady and Mia

Mommy and Mia at Grandma and Grandpa Bowen's house

Monday was a holiday for Travis (yeah family time!) so we all three ventured out to Target for, what else, but more formula. Afterwards we made a brief appearance at Alex and Amie's cookout and (bonus!) also got to play with Kenton, Emily, and Gabby. Gabby was a bit camera shy, so no pics of the two girls yet.

Mia was fascinated in trying to pull Alex's facial hair!

And she loves looking at ceiling fans and lights with Amie

Wednesday was the big visit to Riley's International Adoption Clinic. I just have to express how much I *loved* the clinic and Dr. Keck. Really. I will be writing a thank you card to them...that's how much I loved it. She checked Mia out very thoroughly and spent almost 40 minutes with us, answering any questions we had and going over everything. Thankfully, she proclaimed Mia to be pretty perfect (not like we didn't already know that ;) She weighed in at 15 lbs 8 oz., up over a pound in 2 weeks. Her weight is in the 50-70 percentile, but she's not grown any longer yet. Dr. Keck said she was amazingly healthy and developed; her muscle tone is great, but she told us Mia will probably walk before she crawls because she hates tummy time.

Also, Mia started babbling more this week and has added "blah, blah, blah" and "da da da" to her vocabulary. It's so funny to listen to her in her crib in the mornings; she just jabbers away! Unfortunately every time I break out the video camera she clams up. Maybe I can capture her unaware soon. It's totally cute. We're also back to catnapping (so much for rock star status). But she's also getting a front tooth in (I feel it!), which I think is contributing to her recent fussiness the last couple of days. She pretty much just wants to be held all afternoon.

This one's just because I think she's so darn cute! (It's a little out of focus, but who cares?)


Jen said...

Teething is awful. Fiona's sleep is always upset by teething and it seems she's been teething constantly for the past 5 months! Good luck. It does get better, I promise!

Emily said...

I love the pics and the update! I can't believe how much she weighs now! GO MIA! Must be all of that love and nurturing that is helping her to stay healthy and strong!

Anonymous said...

Love the update and the pictures! She is growing so quickly. I am glad to hear that her check-up went well!
Love you guys