Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well, it's been over 2 weeks since we went on high alert; we actually received an email from our agency telling us we were "on deck" and we are anxiously waiting for our phone to ring. I'm not going to lie, it's almost agonizing. Every day I wake up, thinking this could be the day, and then feel a heavy sigh when the clock strikes 5:00pm. It doesn't help that every time Travis calls my cell phone at work, I think it might be "it". Last week I actually took his call in the middle of a meeting, only for him to ask me something totally arbitrary, like, "Did you get my email?" In my frustration, I told him the next time he called he'd better have some good news. (Let me take a moment to praise the Lord for my wonderfully patient husband, who endures all the hormonal abuse I dole out...he's such a great and godly man.)
Thankfully we've had a few distractions to keep me from going completely off the deep end. Yesterday I attended my third baby shower, given by my mom, my best friend Anne's mother, Susan, and my very good friend from church (and spiritual mentor and surrogate big sister), Laurie. It was an incredibly awesome day. I was very disheartened Friday when we didn't receive our referral; I had so hoped to have a picture before the shower. I was afraid the whole day would be a constant reminder of our unfulfilled hope, but instead I found myself encouraged and filled with God's peace. I loved being surrounded with such godly women, friends, and family. Here's a few pictures from the day, including my "Ethiopian pregnant belly" made by my friend Amie and her mom, Margie. Apparently they wanted me to have my share of fun trying to open gifts and reach to the floor. Thankfully my best friend Shari pointed out that, in my defense, not too many brand new mothers have to board a 24 hour trans-atlantic flight with a new baby. Point well taken.

400 Flower Cake

Opening the Belly Present (Notice Any Redness in my Face?)

Here's the Culprit, my friend Amie

And the diaper bag my mom made me.

PS. If you'd like to see the rest of the pics from the day, got to: .


Emily said...

Thank goodness I didn't have to take my crying newborn on a flight! You guys will have already been through the "worst" of it just getting your little sweetheart back to the states!

Your baby shower was beautiful and wonderful testament to how many people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this precious life. She will be so, so, loved and adored, much like her parents. Thanks for sharing your photos (oh, and your pregnant belly did not look that big at the shower...the camera really did put on 10 lbs.). Hehe

Anne said...

Just wanted to put my two cents in since I couldn't be there...or even Skype in! I'm glad to see the update, though. I love you so much and I wish I could have been there, of course. You will be such a great mommy and I think about you every time I look on the maps southwest of us and see how close we are to your baby girl. Our prayers always are with you. LOVE YOU!

IUgirl78 said...

What a lovely baby shower!! I LOVE the Ethiopian pregnant belly. Your friends are awfully sweet and thoughtful and no, I could not tell that your face was red. (And that's coming from a girl whose face constantly turns 10shades of red!)

Thinking and praying for you that this wait will be over very soon!

Kimberly Fullton said...

We know how you feel. We've been on pins and needles the last two weeks as well waiting to see if the court approves our petition to adopt the two whose referral we saw a few weeks back. Waiting for that call, refreshing the email window 99 times a day.

I'll pray for you because I know what this is like.


Emily said...

Hallelujah! This is a glorious day and we all must rejoice!