Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick Adoption Update

Just a quick note to keep you all informed. We've seen some progress this week, which is always encouraging, and we are now (approximately) number 6 in line for a girl. We've heard there may be more referrals soon, so keep your fingers crossed.
Unfortunately, we have some not-so-good news in our family (non-adoption related). I can't really discuss the details yet, but your prayers are very much coveted for Travis' dad and our entire family. We need physical healing, discernment, and comfort.


IUgirl78 said...

Thank goodness for the encouraging news regarding the adoption. You both have the most amazing strength.

Our thoughts and prayers will most definitely be with you and with Travis' dad.

prjblackard said...

Sarah, My thoughts and prayers are definelty with you and Travis and his dad and for the whole family. God made us a strong family, and I know that you and Travis will be receiving that call saying, your daughter is ready for you to come and get her. Love you... Aunt Pam