Monday, December 22, 2008

No Hope Tonight

This post won't be very eloquent or long (and I apologize in advance for my crappy is not directed at you!). We received some bad news today from our agency. Wait times are increasing all around, especially for infant girls. Instead of our original 7-9 months, we're now looking at 9-11 months, with a possibility of running more to 11 months. Our hearts are broken, and to be very honest, I can't find very much hope right now. We thought we were coming down the home stretch. Instead, it's very likely that unless things in Ethiopia change, we could be looking at April for a referral and not traveling until July. There is always a possibility that things could speed up, but I'm not banking on it.
Now, we know that things could always be worse. I mean, Abraham and Sarah waited 10 years from the time God led them out of Ur until they had Jacob. Hannah waited for many long years until God gave her Samuel. Joseph was wrongly imprisoned for 7 years in Egypt. I know that God has a plan and all things happen for a reason. I know all those things. But I am so sick of hearing people say them to me; it doesn't make this any easier. I am done waiting.


Adam said...

I am sorry to hear that wait times are getting longer, I know that it is very hard when that happens. Hoping for the best!!

Emily said...

Sarah and Travis, we are so sad to hear that the wait time has increased! It feels like you have been waiting forever and we aren't even the ones in your shoes. You have way more patience than I could ever hope to have. Take care of one another. I know this Christmas will be difficult, but try to enjoy your time with family and friends as much as possible. You guys and your little one will be in our thoughts and prayers.