Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mia-isms

I have a confession to make.  Don't judge me, but I want to let you in on one of my secrets: I think babies are pretty boring.  I say this because I am having so. much. fun with Mia right now.  I absolutely love that she's becoming more and more autonomous every day.  I love that she copies everything I do.  And I love her increasing vocabulary.  When I think back to last winter, I mostly remember very long days of trying to entertain my little blob of a baby, who also incidentally never liked to be by herself...ever.  I know we had other obstacles facing us at that time, but those winter months made for long days. 

Now, Mia has us rolling with laughter and standing back in awe with how fast she is growing and changing.  I also know that if I don't take the time to document these moments, when she self-corrects they'll soon fade from memory.  So I decided to document them here and share a few with you:

Catty: Currently what she calls cats.  It's kind of like a combo of cat and kitty.

Aah-keys: Glasses.  I'm not entirely sure why she calls them this, but when you hear it in her sweet little voice, you'd melt.

Jap: Giraffe.  I can normally understand about 85% of what she says, but this one almost always throws me.  The other morning she was so frustrated with me because I couldn't figure out what she was asking me for.  I thought she wanted to jump in her bed, so when I would ask, "Jump?" I got back, "No Mommy!  Jap!"

Mon-hee: Monkey.

Ta-vis: Travis.  Yup, I accidentally taught her that her daddy's name is Travis.  I really didn't mean to, I promise!  I was calling downstairs for him one night when I had her in the bathtub, and she just picked it up.  When you ask her what his name is, she does say Daddy, but if she hears me say Travis, she'll start parroting it. 

Cock-a-doo: This one's more obvious (what a rooster says) but it's entirely adorable to hear her say it.  She's gotten quite proficient with her animal noises and can tell you what a cat, dog, pig, sheep, cow, horsey, chicken, rooster, duck, goose, bird, turkey, monkey, lion, tiger, owl, and goat says. 

She's also learning her manners well.  She says Please, Thank You, and You're Welcome, and even corrected Mommy the other day.  I asked Travis to hand me a glass of water at dinner and she, stone-faced, looked at me and said, "Mommy!  Say thank you!"

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