Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Water Baby

I can't believe July has almost passed us by and the summer is quickly coming to an end! Although I do love fall, winter is my least favorite season and so I always dread it. We've had so much fun this summer, especially outside and in the water. I think my daughter would live outside if I'd let her! She loves any kind of water, from the baby pool in our yard to the toddler pool at the YMCA to the ocean waves. I'm not sure if it's just her nature or the baby swimming lessons, but she is fearless. I crack up when she sticks her whole face in and comes up smiling! Yesterday I drug out the pool and some of her stacking cups. She thought it was hilarious to pour water on poor Hank as he was trying to rest in the shade. Every time he'd move, she find him again!
Here's a few pictures from a week or so ago when Daddy was home with us.

I promise we give our daughter plenty of water to drink!

At the Y's pool for Cooper's Bday party with our BFF Savannah.


Anne said...

I'm so glad you posted this sweet video...now I'm waiting for a Wordless Wednesday of those new teeth! Remember Aunt Annie who is moving (again) but still wants all the updates!

Jean said...

That is so hilarious because our Hannah is the SAME way!! She's 18 months old and LOVES the water too - she even begs to run around in the rain when it's raining outside!! So funny!