Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's My Party

Warning: the following post contains a ton of pictures. I mean, when it's your daughter's first birthday party, how can you just choose a couple?

Saturday we "officially" celebrated Mia's first birthday. We were joined by most of our family (ahem, Uncle Jon?) and a few friends in our church's new community room. It was the perfect space for such a party, and I thoroughly enjoyed not having to clean up my house for the event.
The theme of the day, as you can see, was spring with an emphasis on chicks. Mia's nursery is accented with birds, so I thought it fitting that we continue the theme, especially as this will probably be the only party I get to pick. If you've noticed my new Sarah's Sweets button to the right, you know I recently launched my work-at-home business. So yes, I did make her cake and cookies, and it was the most fun and relaxing cake I've ever done. I've had the design planned for about 5 months (I'm a bit neurotic), but the cookie idea came just a few weeks ago. I made matching chick cookies for our guests to take as favors. If you want to see more pictures, just go to sarahs-sweets.com/gallery.

This kid was all smiles when we sang "Happy Birthday." She loves music!

I didn't actually make her a true smash cake, just a cupcake with a tiny bit of buttercream. I know, I'm a mean mommy. But she came down with a cold the day before her party, and I didn't want to sugar her up too much. You can tell in her eyes that she wasn't feeling too hot.

Eating cupcake with Grandma Audrey and her brand-new (not even one month old!) baby cousin Atticus.

With Grandma Hutton

She wasn't too sure what to think of all her presents. I think she had more fun with tearing up the tissue paper. In her defense, she received a ton of clothes (as in, she has more spring/summer clothes than me!) and just a couple of toys. While I'm thrilled, I know that clothes aren't nearly as fun to open as this age.

Her very first Cubs hat from Uncle Matt.

She loves her cousins and her Grandma Paschall!

Every girl needs her sunglasses. If only I could keep these on her. Any suggestions?


IUgirl78 said...

Oh, wow...can she get any cuter?!? It looks like she had a wonderful first birthday celebration. I love the picture of you and Travis helping her blow out her candle. What a happy family! And, Sarah--your cakes are gorgeous! I clicked on that link the last time I was on your site, but forgot to tell you that. Mia's cake is just beautiful, too. You have a gift!

starfitch said...

It's such a beautiful, special moment...that first birthday party. You did a beautiful job! She is beyond adorable, her eyes just light up a room even if she's not feeling well. I had Marielle wearing sunglasses at about this age and she would leave them on for a bit. Maybe let her see herself in them in the mirror and make a big deal over it...or wear yours too so she can be like mommy. Happy birthday, again, Mia!

Tracy said...

Kudos on the cake! You rock!

Amy said...

What a princess. Congratulations on making it to 1 year. That's a huge milestone. They just keep getting more and more fun. She's adorable.

Pigtail Momma said...

Can she get any cuter? What a doll! I love her pink dress! The pictures are wonderful, and in my opinion the more the better. Great job with her party! You have got this mommy thing down!