Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Have Lift Off!

Mia took her very first steps alone last week, and things have been progressing ever since. She was pretty wobbly at first and really wanted you to hold out your fingers to help her (for self-confidence, mostly), but I've noticed she's gotten much more daring as the days go on. She will willingly let go to get to something she wants, and we've even gone as far at 10 or 12 feet before a tumble. I've been dying to get this on video, but it's hard to hold a camera, watch her, and get her to walk to me at the same time. Tonight I had the brilliant idea of setting the camera on the coffee table; you get a great view of Mia, but mostly miss my head. Oh well. It's the baby everyone's interested in anyway ;)
Oh, and a disclaimer: please don't feel too sorry for our dog. I realize I might seem a bit heartless in the video. Although he's definitely not the center of attention anymore and often hears a lot of "Go lay downs" from us, he's certainly not neglected or abused. In fact, I think he's sleeping on my bed at the moment.

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