Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why We Love Baby Einstein

I recently heard about a class action lawsuit brought against the Baby Einstein Company (now part of the Disney conglomerate). Parents were suing because they felt the Baby Einstein DVDs hadn't made their kids any smarter. Apparently they won because you can now receive an exchange or even refund for some of your DVDs. Yes, only in America can you sue because a DVD didn't make your kid any smarter...couldn't have been the lack of parental interaction, could it?
In our house, though, we love Baby Einstein. I'm not sure it is making Mia any smarter (how could you really measure this anyway?) but she loves watching it, especially the puppets (as shown in the video below). We love it because it's the one thing that will totally entertain her by herself for a few minutes, which gives Mommy and/or Daddy a break to wash bottles, eat lunch, whatever. And really, anything that makes her giggle like this had us at hello (or bonjour, hola...)


Emily said...

I love when they start cooing! Adorable!

Gina said...

Too cute Sarah! I agree....we love Baby Einstein! Eli lovesss it! He is mesmerized by it!

Jean said...

That's hilarious because Hannah does the same thing ... right now her favorite is Baby Mozart and she gets upset with me if I try to put in any other DVD ... she gets so excited with the intro comes one with the "walt disney tinkerbell" ... it's like she knows what is next. Too funny!! And I agree ... I love the 30 min. when she is totally occupied and doesn't need anything from me! ;)