Friday, August 1, 2008


AWAA just posted more referrals they received yesterday from Ethiopia:

America World received 10 referrals of children between the
ages of 0-5 years for the month of July from Ethiopia. Below are the DTE of the
families who received referrals this month:

Referrals on July 21, 2008
DTE: 11/21/07- Infant Boy
12/7/07- Infant Boy
12/7/08- Infant Boy
12/21/07- Infant Boy
1/25/08- Infant Boy
1/25/08- Infant Boy

Referrals on July 29, 2008
DTE: 1/25/08- Infant Boy
Infant Girl

Based on the new referrals, the wait time for an infant boy
is 5-7 months while the wait time for an infant or toddler girl is 7-9 months.
The wait time for siblings under 7 is 5-9 months.
This would keep us on target for referral between December and February...9 months for us would be February 2.


Emily said...

Uhh! I read this the day you posted it and just haven't gotten around to posting a comment. So sorry. I am really glad to hear that there is an "end" in sight. I know it sounds like those months are far away, but the fall always seems to fly by with all of the holidays and whatnot. You guys have to be some of the most patient people I have ever met! We'll keep praying for your child's continued safety, health, and stability. She will be with you soon...keep your chins up! This post is proof that babies ARE coming home!

Emily said...

Any new news???