Monday, June 2, 2008

More Referrals

America World (our adoption agency in Virigina; just posted that they received 2 more referrals over the weekend for Ethiopia! This is always encouraging for us to hear as it means the processes are still working and that Ethiopia is still processing our paperwork. They received a referral for one infant girl and one infant boy. The families that received referrals were at a current wait time of 8 months. (Wait time is calculated from the time you submit your dossier.)

So, what does that mean for us? If the process keeps at the current speed, we should receive our referral right around the first of January. Once we receive a referral, time to travel (actually going to Africa and bringing her home) is 6-8 weeks. Travis is still praying for a Christmas miracle (hey - anything can happen), but we'll most likely then have her home mid-February.

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prjblackard said...

Sarah and Travis, we cannot wait to see your baby girl. You and your new little girl are in our prayers. Love Aunt Pam